Wellington Symphonic Bands

"Beautiful tone, sensitive phrasing, and expressive musicality" - Dr Rich Roberts

Membership Application

In accordance with the Rules of the Wellington Symphonic Bands Incorporated (WSB) please accept this application to join the band. The bands of the society are called the Wellington City Concert Band and the Capital City Wind Band.

I agree to the name, address, instrument type and email address information held in this form being made available to other society members and to photos containing my image to be placed on our web site or in other authorised in society publications. Only authorised committee officers will have access to other information in the form, if required.

I agree to pay the annual subscription on my application being accepted ($200pa for all players/$300pa for family up to 3) and will credit the society account with my subscription. The account details are: 38-9019-0823657-00. (Put your name in the Reference field please!).

For those students or un-waged players that need assistance with subs please contact the Treasurer first. Members joining part way through the year should discuss any discount with the Treasurer.

I agree to abide by the Rules of the society which is available on the government societies web site at: www.societies.govt.nz The society’s registration number is: 2549118